How do I measure sign ups after sending an email?

  • 12 September 2023
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Hi! I’m wondering how I would set a goal up to capture total signs ups after sending an email. 


Best answer by Nathan Sudds 13 September 2023, 19:38

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3 replies

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@Alexis P Are you sending via Proactive Support / Outboard / Series?  If so you should be able to setup a Goal from within the outbound sending process -- depending on what you are asking them to signup for and what variable you are tracking etc. 

There’s a goal option after the audience rules section where you can decide what success looks like and it would show you who made it to the goal -- this goal could be based on your Intercom data or third party integrations like Stripe for examples so you could base it on signup for a plan level etc:

Here’s an example video I just made for another question about tracking clicking on a link,  you can see the goal at the end of the process. 


Feel free to share more about your signup goals, if I can help with any more ideas and info!

Hope this helps!

Thanks, Nathan! I’m sending an email to leads and I want to track if they convert to users after they see the email. How should I set this up under goals?


I currently have it set up like this:

Signed up after x date


But, this isn’t working as it states no one has met my goal. 

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@Alexis P can you confirm that new people have signed up within the last 3 days?


I'm not sure if you need the after x date in there, in this case.



Happy to connect to look at this together if you want, send me a DM