My Intercom is not displaying

  • 18 April 2023
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Hey @Kelly Carson 👋🏼  Shauna here from Intercom Support! 

I understand that you’ve mentioned that your intercom is not displaying. I’m assuming you mean the ‘messenger launcher’, so a few things to check here first are as follows 👇🏼 

  • Have you got the messenger launcher turned on to be visible on your website? You can check this here.
  • Could you make sure that the messenger is installed on your website? You can check our docs on this here for logged out visitors and here for logged in users. 
  • Are there any console errors in the browser when checking for the messenger?

If you’ve checked these and it’s turned on, installed correctly and nothing showing in the browser - get back to me here and we can dig into this for you 🔎