Send bulk request in webhook for outbound series

  • 23 June 2023
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Hi all, I was wondering if its possible to send a bulk load to a webhook in a outbound series.


Right now it sends a message for each user, but I want to receive the list of users that match the condition, is this possible?, is there a workaround to achieve it?.


Besides that, I was wondering whats the request rate for webhooks calls, is it 1000 per minute? (so I can accomodate my API to this rates).


Thanks in advance!


Best answer by Racheal 27 June 2023, 03:09

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Hey @alejandrombc Racheal from the support engineer team here👋 


It is not possible to send webhooks in bulk from a Series, I’d be happy to flag this as a feature request for the team to consider in the future! Could you provide some additional context on the use case here? It will help the team better understand why it’s important to your team as well as help me think of any possible workarounds! Are you just looking for a webhook holding all of the users who match to enter your Series?


As noted here, rate Limits only apply to calls to the REST API, not to any webhook requests that are sent as part of the Canvas Kit capabilities. You're limited to one webhook endpoint URL per app. You can subscribe to as many webhook topics as you would like to. with your app. We have a rate limiter in place that moves a webhook subscription to a slower delivery queue if it goes over a limit. We don't block these notifications like we do on the API, we just deliver them with lower priority.