How to send out an NPS survey in batches?

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We are currently setting up our NPS scorer within Intercom Surveys. But, we are having trouble figuring out the best way to send this survey to a limited amount of customers each day (so, in batches). This is because we want to have an idea of our NPS score throughout the entire year, and not have this survey sent out to our full customer base on the same day. Because this wouldn’t be representative if the satisfaction on that day is lower than usual. 


We do want to keep everything in one survey to make sure the Survey Report is insightful for all NPS responses.


I hope this makes sense and that someone can help us out 🙌


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Hi Cornalie,


You could  manually share the survey links. This way you get to decide which users get access to the survey. 


You could then as a result keep sharing the link to only a particular subset of your users (spread through time) to get an idea of your NPS score over time, while at the same time using only one survey.


Hope this helps!

@Harsh . 


Hi there, thanks a lot for your reply. I’m just wondering how you would manage this task of sending out the survey links? As we have 12000 customers, we will still need some sort of automated process for this.


Would love to hear your thoughts!

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@Cornalie Boering hi! 

How about if you use Series (you can trigger Surveys in Series) and then branch out based on, perhaps UserID last digit (so you can have 10 groups maybe?), and then delay the survey with different Wait element in different branches… 


I would need to know more about the groups you want to have, and the cadence of survey, should it be one time throughout the month/year or something else, so I can give you a better idea, but most certainly I’d use Series to automate it.  

Just an idea:


@Milan Wow, thank you! The example really helps a lot, I’m sometimes a bit lost on Series… 


Will definitely give this a try and then report back 🫡 

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