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I have set up a workflow that triggers when a teammate assigns a conversation to a team, it then sends a slack message. 


but the slack message being sent shows the following: 


Is it possible to change what is sent?  The Slack channel doesn't need to know the event, only that the conversation has been assigned. 


Please help! 



Best answer by Nathan Sudds 31 May 2024, 08:11

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@Reg Gray  Sorry it looks like your screenshots didn’t come through so it’s hard to understand the context here and what you were hoping to change. 

Can you try editing the post to include the screenshots or post them as comments here? Thanks!


If the out of the box option isn’t giving you the best options, you could also try something like to create a more useful Slack message but maybe once we see the screenshot we can suggest a way to improve the message. 

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@Reg Gray  This thread with some conversations around Slack notifications might be helpful as well

hey @Nathan Sudds 


Thanks for your response.   the screenshot looks like this: 


the workflow works, but the information sending just says ‘Conversation assignment changed’ event. 


Which I guess is the trigger for the workflow.  useful to me, but not useful for the Slack Channel!