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We hope you enjoyed our New at Intercom event today.

We hope you enjoyed our New at Intercom event today. Here is a recap of the new products and features we announced 👀 💬 Enhance customer engagement with the new Messenger Move beyond messaging to create meaningful customer experiences with our most customizable Messenger yet – it’s code free. Convert more visitors. Onboard and activate new customers. Support existing customers at speed. 🎟️ Resolve complex customer questions with tickets Empower your teams to solve complex customer problems with tickets – right from the Inbox. You’ll be able to reduce costs by consolidating your support tools, and stop switching between chat & tickets software with our Messenger-first ticketing solution. 🤖 Build powerful bots with visual bot builder Enable your teams to build bots easily and efficiently using the new visual bot builder – no code needed! These powerful bots will help your customers help themselves and reduce your inbound support volume. 📰 Keep your customers updated with News Share in-context company updates and product announcements with your customers, directly in the Messenger, with News. With granular targeting, you’ll be able to personalize the Newsfeed across the customer lifecycle. 💡 Drive product education and adoption with Tooltips Educate your customers and drive adoption of specific parts of your app with Tooltips - the latest way to communicate with your customers in a contextual and non-disruptive way. ✅ Guide your users with Checklists - in beta Onboard users onto your product or a new feature effectively at scale with Intercom Checklists - a new way to deliver contextual and personalized guidance to users who are in your product that sets them on a path to adoption and long term engagement.

Smarter Intercom bots with Custom Actions & Custom Objects & SMS! 🥳

Smarter Intercom bots with Custom Actions & Custom Objects & SMS! 🥳 Announcing the next big things from Intercom that will help deliver better experiences to your customers - Custom Actions & Custom Objects in bots and SMS 😍 Custom Actions and Custom Objects in botsOur bots just got a whole lot smarter 🙌 - now you can integrate external data to boost the effectiveness of your Custom and Resolution bots to help solve customer queries. This means you can solve common queries that require data from other systems and use automation to answer questions like: I need to change my delivery date What's my latest gas meter reading?When will I get paid?  You'll benefit from quicker resolution times and shorter support queues, while your customers can more easily self-serve their query and avoid the frustrating wait for an agent 🙌 Say goodbye to dead-end text messages with our truly two-way SMS! Engage, activate, and connect with customers like never before. Our two-way SMS lets you have back-and-forth customer conversations, and send real-time promotional offers, transactional messaging, and more.   Here’s why you’ll love Intercom SMS: Higher engagement: With a 98% average open rate, SMS is the perfect channel to actively engage with and connect to your customers—wherever they are.Conversational experience: The best thing about two-way SMS is having your customers’ full attention. Use it to chat with them directly from the Intercom Inbox.Personalized and targeted: We capture and store your customer and event data for you—giving you automatic access to powerful SMS targeting, message personalization, robust reporting, and more.One solution for all teams: Intercom SMS is designed to meet the needs of all your teams - from marketing to sales to support, all teams leveraging SMS to connect with their customers will see the immense benefits this channel can offer.Self-serve onboarding: It’s simple to get started with Intercom’s native SMS tool, and instantly reap the benefits of self-serve onboarding, text message reporting, consent management, keyword handling, and more.Omnichannel experiences: Create seamless omnichannel campaigns in our Series tool, and connect them across SMS, in-app messages, Product Tours, email, and more. Check out SMS to learn more.

Intercom Surveys has 3 updates 🎉 - Advanced Reporting, Branching Logic, and mobile survey codes

Intercom Surveys has 3 updates 🎉 - Advanced Reporting, Branching Logic, and mobile survey codes Since the release of Surveys in March, over 1.25 million users have been reached! We’re seeing Surveys helping our customers understand and get closer to their customers. To continue this momentum, we’ve built three new exciting Survey features.  Advanced Reporting for Surveys: Unlock powerful insights faster than ever before by slicing and dicing your survey responses using all your customer data within Intercom. Segment your NPS® scores by region, churn reasons by subscription type, and more - enabling you to better understand your customers and quickly take action. The days of exporting, formatting, and importing survey data are over - easily access all collected survey data in one placeRun your NPS® surveys and follow-up workflows via Intercom. Plus, with our new NPS®  reporting, drill-down even further to understand the scoresVisualize and explore collected data with ease by customizing your time frame and filtering based on user and company attributes to unlock new customer insightsLeverage insights alongside Intercom's rich customer data to automate targeted messages, tours, campaigns, and more Read more here. Branching LogicDesign responsive Surveys with Branching Logic - sending customers down different paths depending on their answers to previous questions. With simple if, then statements, change the flow of your survey based on a customers’ answersExperience higher response rates by showing questions that resonate more with your customersRespect your customers’ time - only ask questions that are important to themEncourage your customers to take action by displaying contextual and compelling thank you messages and next steps Read more here. Triggering Surveys via code in your mobile appLaunch surveys from a button anywhere in your mobile app. Choose where you want to engage with users easily and in-context to capture relevant feedback. Get in-context feedback from users wherever they are inside your mobile appUsers can easily take the survey natively in your mobile app with a simple click of a button Persistent survey buttons enable users to choose when to take a surveyDepending on your mobile app design and users’ journeys, choose where you would like the survey to be triggered in your mobile appRead more here. Net Promoter®, NPS®, NPS Prism®, and the NPS-related emoticons are registered trademarks of Bain & Company, Inc., Satmetrix Systems, Inc., and Fred Reichheld. Net Promoter Score℠ and Net Promoter System℠ are service marks of Bain & Company, Inc., Satmetrix Systems, Inc., and Fred Reichheld.